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Clash of Traders
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Competition Period

May 1, 2023, 9 AM EST - May 15, 2023, 9 AM EST

Join the Clash of Traders Competition and Get a Chance to Win Exclusive NFTs

Introducing a four-tier NFT collection for the Chameleon Clash of Traders competition, designed to reward participants and celebrate their achievements.Each tier is assigned a unique NFT, which holds significant value in the initial distribution of Governance Tokens. These NFTs play a crucial role in the allocation process, ensuring a fair and well-structured distribution within the community.
Diamond ChameleonUltra RareQuantile: Top 10%
Gold ChameleonRareQuantile: 10%-30%
Silver ChameleonUncommonQuantile: 30%-50%
Bronze ChameleonCommonQuantile: Bottom 50%

How to Join?

  • Participate in Social Activities that is outlined in the scoring metrics below.
  • Trading on any of the DEXes that is created through Native.View available DEXes here

How to Win?

The trading competition score is comprised of two primary components:I. Social Media Engagement Score (SMES)The Social Media Engagement Score is designed to measure participants' engagement on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. We will be tracking your SMES with our Native Zealy. Complete quests on our Zealy ( to increase your SMES!
1. Twitter Engagement Score:
  • Like on a competition-related tweet
  • Retweet or quote tweet of a competition-related tweet
  • Reply to a competition-related tweet
  • Create original competition-related tweet, including the competition hashtag
  • Participate in competition-related Twitter Spaces
2. Telegram Engagement Score:
  • Number of messages sent in telegram group (excluding spam)
  • Number of reactions received for each message sent
3. Discord Engagement Score:
  • Number of messages sent in Discord channel (excluding spam)
  • Number of reactions received for each message sent
II. Trading Activities Score (TAS)The Trading Activities Score is designed to measure participants' trading performance during the competition. The following factors contribute to the TAS:
  • Trading Volume (50% weightage): Total value of all trades made by the participant during the competition period.
  • Number of Trading Pairs (30% weightage): The number of trading pairs made by the participant during the competition period.
  • Trading Consistency (20% weightage): The number of days during the competition period when the participant made at least one trade.
TAS = (Trading Volume Weightage) + (Number of Trading Pairs Weightage) + (Trading Consistency Weightage)Final Score:The Final Score is the combination of the SMES and TAS, with equal weightage given to both components. The formula for the Final NTCSS Score is as follows:Final NTCSS Score = (SMES + TAS) / 2This scoring system ensures that participants are motivated to engage with the trading competition on multiple levels, fostering a thriving community and encouraging continuous trading activity.

How to Check Your Rank?

A leaderboard that outlines the Social Activities and Trading Activities metrics will be made available during the competition.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Market Makers cannot participate in this competition.
  • Native reserves the right to cancel a user's participation in the event due to the following circumstances: wash trading, volume faking, self-transaction, market manipulation, etc.
  • All participating users must strictly adhere to the Native’s Terms of Service. Native reserves the right to disqualify any participants who engage in dishonest or abusive activities during the event, connection with unlawful, fraudulent or harmful purposes.
  • Native reserves the right to modify the terms of this event without notifying users in advance.
  • Native reserves the right of final interpretation of this event. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support.
Good luck out there, Chameleons!
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