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For traders

NativeX: The Home of Altcoin Trading. Best Rates, Zero Fees.

For Projets

Add trading function to your products and earn transaction fees.

For Market Makers

Consolidate orderflows into a single integration.

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Supercharging Capital Efficiency for

Our PMM-RFQ model provides the best of both worlds, fusing off-chain liquidity provision with on-chain execution & settlement. Experience CEX level pricing efficiency with DEX level self-custody.

For Project Teams

Inefficient DEX Infrastructure negatively impacts everyone.

Earn Swap Revenue

Keep the trading fees that CEXs and DEXs are earning from your users’ swaps.

Earn Swap Revenue, that goes directly into your Project Treasury.

For Traders

Best prices, zero fees

Get the best prices possible

Providing traders with the best possible pricing is our highest priority.

Native aggregates price quotes from all available liquidity sources, routing through whatever source is cheapest.

For Market Makers

Consolidate your orderflows into a single integration.

Exclusive B2B Order Flow

Access exclusive B2B order flow from our top-tier partners (ZetaChain, UniswapX, BendDAO & more).

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